In 1997, after 10 years at a local municipal utility, Journeyman Lineman, Mike Sellke started Selcon Utility with a single truck, a core group of loyal colleagues and a simple mission – to assemble the best possible team and safely and reliably perform the best work in the region.

Today, with multiple teams working on a range of large and small projects throughout the US, Mike’s original mission remains center stage.  Selcon’s expert teams work 24/7 providing power and communications utility customers with construction and maintenance services for overhead and underground power distribution and power feeder circuits as well as communication fiber and other conductors.  When emergencies and outages strike, customers rely on a swift response from Selcon Utility to restore vital services to a single home or an entire community.

Mike still personally oversees the operation and interacts with all Foremen on a daily basis.  Mike and his team at Selcon attract the most talented power, fiber and drilling professionals by offering a safe, quality-focused work environment free of “big company” hassle and with open channels of communication directly to ownership. 

Mike’s personal experience as a Journeyman Lineman extends to Selcon’s common sense safety program.  Mike teaches his teams the duel nature of Selcon’s safety commitment.  Safe work policies, procedures and PPE help ensure accident free operations. At the same time, a rigorous commitment to installation quality and documentation helps eliminate risk to the public or future utility personnel.

Selcon’s customers appreciate the firm’s ability to perform on-time, on-budget projects of all sizes while maintaining rigorous quality standards and direct 24/7 customer access to team members.  The real-world experience of Selcon’s leadership ensures safe, quality work and saves customers time and cost on even the most complex projects.

Customer purchasing teams can ensure they are seeking bids from Selcon on all relevant projects by adding our full list of NIGP Codes:

  • 91341 - Construction, Power Line (Installation, Maintenance & Repair)
  • 91356 - Construction, Utility/Underground Projects
  • 91378 - Maintenance & Repair, Pipeline (Includes Removal & Relocation)
  • 91389 - Maintenance & Repair, Utility/Underground Projects
  • 91260 - Maintenance & Repair, Street Lighting
  • 93677 - Substation/High Voltage (Electrical) Maintenance & Repair
  • 93687 - Transformer (High Voltage) Maintenance & Repair
  • 94100 –Maintenance, Repair & Related Services for Generation & Transmission Equip.
  • 96218 - Cable Construction, Installation & Maintenance (Fiber Optic, Communication)
  • 96863 – Relocation &/or Removal Services for Utility Works
  • 96879 - Telephone (Utility, Light) Pole Installation & Relocation Service
  • 94172 - Power Generating & Transmitting Control System Maintenance and Repair Services
  • 29080 - Solar Powered Electrical Systems
  • 29095 - Wind Electrical Generating Systems & Accessories
  • 91216 - Boring, Directional Drilling
  • 54070 - Poles, Treated & Untreated
  • 83829 - Cable, Fiber Optic w/Interconnecting Components & Accessories
  • 83960 - Poles, High Voltage Transmission
  • 83961 - Poles, Telephone & Utility (All Kinds)91230 - Construction, Power Plant
  • 91232 - Construction, Street Lighting
  • 91340 - Construction, Pipeline
  • 91377  - Maintenance and Repair, Pipe Culvert
  • 91378  -  Maintenance and Repair, Pipeline (Includes Removal and Relocation)
  • 91381   -  Maintenance and Repair, Sewer and Storm Drain (Including Removal)
  • 91244  -  Excavation Services