GroundForce is a dedicated, in-house team of specialty excavation, Hydro-Vac and horizontal directional boring (HDD) experts and equipment within Selcon Utility. Selcon added its first drill in 1999 and now has multiple drilling teams nationwide each with multiple, full-time drilling crews. GroundForce sets Selcon apart from competitors, providing greater operational flexibility and adding value for customers.

Selcon drill crews install everything from direct bury cable and fiber to conduit, bore guard, gas lines, steel and more separately and in bundles for power, water, sewer, oil & gas, cable TV and more.  GroundForce even has its own full service HydroVac division to make utility locating efficient, safe and precise.  GroundForce teams do it all from a simple phone line under a driveway to multiple complex bores in solid rock, hydro-excavation, even trenching through solid rock and more.

GroundForce makes underground construction safe, efficient and predictable for energy and communications utility customers throughout the USA. There’s a lot more to know about GroundForce – click the link above to visit the GroundForce website today!